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 8 February 2005

Greetings Fellow Classmates,

           It is time to start planning for our 25th Class Reunion from good olí Mount Anthony.  Yes, you read that correctly, we are in the midst of preparing a gathering to celebrate being out of school for 25 years!!!  Honestly, it does NOT seem like that much time has gone by, but . . . after checking and rechecking the calendar, we have come to the conclusion that it is true.

          We have booked Saturday, August 20th, 2005.  The meeting place and other valuable information will follow in our next mailing.  At that time, we will explain the where, when, and how much.  We are also planning a golf tournament.  That information will follow in the next mailing as well.

          The purpose of this mailing is quite simple.  We are interested in obtaining two things from you.  The first request is to have you write a brief summary about what you have been doing and where your life has taken you over the past 25 years.  Please include anything that is significant or of importance to you.  Our second request is for you to send a recent photo.  (Stop Grumbling!!!) it can be a picture of you at work, on vacation, with your family or doing your favorite hobby.  We plan on doing something VERY special with these pictures and unfortunately we will not be able to return them.  ALSO, if you have an email address, please include that with your summary.

          The turnouts and responses to our past reunions have been outstanding.  We are hoping this one will be the same.  Even if circumstances prevented you from making past reunions, we are hoping that you will find some way to attend this one.  There is nothing more rewarding than having the opportunity to reconnect with a long lost classmate, make new friends and catch up on years gone by.

          Please send your pictures and short bio to:  Amy Hoyt, 323 Safford Street, Bennington, VT 05201, no later than Friday, April 8th.  Even if you do not plan on attending the reunion, PLEASE send Amy the requested items.  We want to include EVERYONE in our special surprise.

          We still have the Class of 1980 website, courtesy of Jason Longo.  As time goes on, we will be posting information to the site.  Make sure you check it out:

Looking forward to hearing from ALL of you very soon.

Sincerely Your Class Reunion Committee Members:

Doug Stephenson, Val Clark, Amy Hoyt, Mary Cannavan, Sandy Mattison,

Jason Longo & John Ahearn



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