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Mount Anthony Union High School
Class of 1980

*** Reunion 2005 ***

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Class of '80 - What a Party!
After 25 years, we haven't forgotten how to have a good time! Special thanks again goes out to the Reunion Committee for making it all happen!

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Do we have pictures!  We have the Class Picture.  And then we have these pictures, and these, and then these, and also these!  And if that is not enough, here is the Memory Book in COLOR

As more photos come in, we'll be updating the site to remind you how much fun you had, or to show you what you missed (don't worry, based on the success of the 25th, you can try again at the 30th).

If you have some pictures of the 25th you would like to share, please email them to or send a CD to Jason Longo.  We'll also be adding a copy of the "Memory Book" as well as the Class Picture..

And the winner is: Nannette Trombley (Mrs. Mark Trombley). She won the fantastic Quilt made by Anna Mattison

Be sure to keep us up to date on any changes in your address or e-mail.  Just drop a note to or an of the class officers

                      Stay Tuned!

                                                                            Mount Anthony Union High School
                                                                                            Class of 1980

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